Sycamore Binh Duong is the most upscale compound urban project in Binh Duong and also the largest real estate project of the developer Capitaland in Vietnam. With a project scale of up to 18.9 hectares, including townhouses, villas (detached, semi-detached), high-end apartments, combined with 3-layer absolute safety standards and a green ecosystem covering over 80% (with the standard of one tree per house) – Sycamore Binh Duong is the perfect choice for the upper class and foreign professionals living and working here.


Project Name:Sycamore Binh Duong
Address:Hung Vuong Street, Phu My Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province
Co-developer:Becamex IDC
Design Consultant:StudioMilou
Landscape Consultant:TinderBox
Interior Design:SuMisura, 2ND Edition
Scale:18.9 hectares
Landscape Area:Approximately 4.3 hectares
Types:High-end apartments, shophouses, townhouses, villas
Low-rise units:Total of 368 units
Amenities:Perfect internal and external amenities
Handover:High-quality finished interior
Ownership:Permanent ownership for Vietnamese citizens, 50 years for foreigners
Groundbreaking:Quarter 1 of 2024
Scheduled Completion:In 2025




    The first distinctive feature: Sycamore Urban Area is a luxurious compound urban area, the first of its kind in Binh Duong. A top choice for the affluent class residing and working here.

    The second special feature: The project’s developer is CapitaLand Group – one of the world’s leading investors in luxury real estate. 2024 also marks the 30th anniversary of CapitaLand’s operations in the Vietnamese market.

    The third special feature: Sycamore is the largest project in Vietnam by the developer CapitaLand, coinciding with their 30th anniversary in Vietnam.

    And many more outstanding advantages of this mega-project, you continue to explore. With a green coverage ratio of over 80%, the cool green space of landscaped gardens, and the bustling atmosphere of the commercial center, Sycamore urban area is not only an ideal place for residence but also an attractive investment opportunity that you cannot miss.

    Phối cảnh tổng thể dự án Sycamore Bình Dương

    Who is the investor of Sycamore Binh Duong?

    Sycamore Bình Dương

    The developer of the Sycamore Binh Duong project is CapitaLand Group, a corporation originating from Singapore. CapitaLand is a leading brand in the real estate sector in Singapore, renowned for developing numerous high-end and luxurious apartment projects in Vietnam. Each product of this investor always carries distinctive characteristics meticulously designed, combined with effective business strategies. Therefore, CapitaLand Group has succeeded in owning many outstanding projects in various countries worldwide.

    Currently, Capitaland owns assets worth SGD 2.1 billion in Vietnam, including 22 residential, serviced apartment, and high-end mixed-use projects. Thanks to this, the investor has solidified its strong position in the Vietnamese real estate market today.

    The units managed by CapitaLand are:

    1. Ascott Residence Trust – A major real estate investment trust specializing in serviced apartments, with the largest scale in the Asia market.
    2. CapitaMall Trust – The first real estate investment trust officially listed in Singapore, focusing on retail real estate.
    3. CapitaCommercial Trust – The first real estate investment trust focusing on commercial real estate, also listed in Singapore.
    4. CapitaRetail China Trust – The first real estate investment trust focusing on retail properties in China, listed in Singapore.
    5. CapitaMalls Malaysia Trust – The largest real estate investment trust focusing on large-scale mixed-use projects in Malaysia.
    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương

    CapitaLand's projects in Vietnam include:

    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương


    Sycamore is situated in a prime location, where pioneering elements converge for modern, convenient, and classy living. Seizing the development trend, anticipating the future, and understanding the needs of residents, Sycamore is not just a real estate product but also a symbol of Binh Duong’s further advancement and growth in its developmental journey.

    1. Prime Location, Meeting Every Need

    Located on the frontage of Hung Vuong Boulevard, a vital artery connecting key areas of the city. Just a 5-minute drive from the provincial administrative center of Binh Duong, convenient for commuting and administrative transactions.

    Easy access to expressways such as My Phuoc – Tan Van, Ring Road 4, facilitating quick travel to Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. Surrounded by existing residential areas, schools, hospitals, commercial centers, meeting all the needs for living, studying, and entertainment of residents.

    Sycamore Bình Dương

    2. The Beginning of Prosperous Living

    Perfect Connectivity: Central location and convenient transportation connections make it easy for residents to travel anywhere. Diverse Amenities: A high-class internal amenities system meets all the needs for living, entertainment, and recreation of residents. Civilized Community: A community of educated and cultured residents creates a safe and friendly living environment. Investment Value: High potential for price appreciation, making it a safe and effective investment channel.

    3. Symbol of Advancement

    Modern Architecture: Elegant and sophisticated design provides a classy living space. Perfect Quality: Premium construction quality ensures safety and convenience for residents. Sustainable Value: Value appreciates over time, making it a valuable asset for future generations.

    Sycamore Binh Duong – Where luxury living is crafted, reflecting your class and sophistication.

    Sycamore Bình Dương


    Sycamore Binh Duong not only focuses on providing upscale accommodation but also offers a convenient, comfortable, and comprehensive lifestyle for residents. Therefore, the developer CapitaLand has designed a diverse range of amenities and professional management services to meet every need of residents, from daily activities to relaxation and entertainment.


    Swimming Pool: The swimming pool at Sycamore Binh Duong is designed to international standards, suitable for all ages, from children to adults. It is an ideal place for relaxation and entertainment for the whole family after stressful working hours.

    BBQ Area: With an outdoor BBQ area, residents in the project can organize barbecue parties with family and friends, enjoying happy moments together.

    Children’s Playground: Designed to be safe and stimulate creativity and physical activity for children, helping them develop comprehensively both physically and mentally.

    Gym: Equipped with modern exercise equipment, meeting all basic to advanced training needs, helping residents maintain and improve their health every day.

    Additionally, the Sycamore Binh Duong project also features a landscaped garden, yoga area, walking paths, and other outdoor sports areas, providing a versatile space for exercise, gatherings, and enjoying fresh air.

    At Sycamore Binh Duong, there are not only upscale living amenities but also professional management services.

    • 24/7 Security: With a modern surveillance camera system and a team of 3-tier professional security guards, the developer of Sycamore Binh Duong is committed to providing an absolutely secure living environment for residents.
    • Environmental Sanitation: Professional sanitation services ensure a clean and healthy living environment, contributing to improving the quality of life.
    • Building Management Services: Professional building management services address all issues such as cleaning, maintenance of elevators, electrical and water systems, ensuring residents’ complete peace of mind about their living environment.
    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương


    Surrounding the Sycamore Binh Duong project is a whole ecosystem of attractive amenities: existing residential areas, schools, hospitals, commercial centers, international exhibition centers…

    • Aeon Mall Binh Duong New City meets all residents’ needs with: 2 Compact supermarkets in Vietnam, a total area of 4,868m2 for shopping, cinemas, shops, food stalls, restaurants, etc. International schools such as: KinderWorld
    • International Preschool, Singapore International School, and Eastern International University,…
    • Entertainment facilities: Twin Doves Golf Club, Binh Duong New City Central Park,…
    • World Trade Center (WTC): As a permanent member of the World Trade Centers Association, WTC Binh Duong New City connects to an international community of over 314 World Trade Centers in more than 91 countries across 5 continents, with over 1 million members.

    In addition, residents living in Sycamore Binh Duong urban area also benefit from existing amenities such as hospitals, conference centers, markets, high schools, tourist areas, etc.

    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Ảnh dự án Sycamore Bình Dương


    Sycamore Binh Duong is a modern mixed-use urban project meticulously planned on an area of ​​18.9 hectares, promising to bring a luxurious and convenient living space for residents.

    • With a building density of only 35%, the project allocates the majority of the area to greenery and amenities, creating a spacious and harmonious living environment with nature.
    • The layout design of the Sycamore Binh Duong project is evidence of the investor’s experience and dedication in creating a quality, classy, and sustainable living space for the community of residents. Residential area:
    • Occupying 60% of the area, the project offers a variety of housing types such as townhouses, semi-detached houses, villas, and high-rise apartments, meeting the needs of every family.
    • Amenities area: Occupying 20% of the area, this area gathers prestigious amenities such as swimming pools, BBQ areas, children’s playgrounds, gyms, commercial areas,… providing a complete living experience for residents.
    • Green area: Occupying 20% of the area, the project plans landscaped gardens, parks, sports facilities,… creating a cool and healthy living environment for residents’ physical and mental well-being.

    Sycamore Binh Duong – Where luxury living is created, where you can fully enjoy the value of peaceful, convenient, and classy living.

    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương

    The Orchard Zone Information:

    Land Area9.1 hectares
    Total Units368 units
    Townhouses (168 units)Regular: 6x15m (90 sqm); Corner: (8-13.5)x15m (117-175 sqm)
    Semi-detached Villas (144 units)Regular: 10x16m (160 sqm); Corner: 10-20x16m (176-246 sqm)
    Detached Villas (56 units)Regular: (12-14)x16m (190-250 sqm); Corner: (14-22)x16m (240-370 sqm)
    Handover ConditionRough handover
    Expected HandoverQ3/2025
    FacilitiesThe Canopy Clubhouse, The Island, The Pier, Sensory Gardens
    Expected Price95,000,000 VNĐ/m2 (From 8.5 billion VND/unit)
    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương
    Sycamore Bình Dương

    How much is the price of Sycamore Binh Duong?

    The selling price of Sycamore Bình Dương for The Orchard zone is expected to start from 8.5 billion VND per unit for townhouses, which is very competitive for such prestigious and luxurious properties. Below is the detailed price list for each type of property for your reference:

    Property TypeAreaStarting Price
    Townhouses90m2 – 175m28.5 billion VND
    Semi-detached Villas160m2 – 240m210 billion VND
    Detached Villas190m2 – 370m215 billion VND
    Lịch thanh toán The Orchard Sycamore Bình Dương


    The construction progress of the Sycamore Bình Dương project is being expedited. Currently, the Sycamore Capitaland project is actively implementing essential tasks to meet the goal of completing the project on schedule.

    Regarding the site: Land leveling work has been completed quickly and effectively. This ensures the smooth progress of subsequent construction activities. Entrance gate: The first important landmark of the project, the entrance gate, has also been 100% completed and is ready to welcome visitors. Show houses: 2 show houses have been completed to serve the needs of visitors to experience the actual houses.

    Currently, customers interested in the Sycamore Bình Dương project can visit the show houses.



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