The Sycamore Binh Duong Terrace House are a suitable choice for various customer segments, particularly catering to foreign professionals working in Binh Duong. With luxurious on-site amenities, comprehensive external facilities, and sophistication, the living space is not only modern but also intimately connected with nature (with over 80% covered in greenery). The Sycamore project has become the hottest property in Binh Duong specifically, and the Southeast region of Vietnam in general.

The images of the model house of Sycamore Binh Duong Terrace House

One of the most notable highlights of the Sycamore Binh Duong project is its developer, CapitaLand – one of the leading real estate developers globally. CapitaLand is committed to delivering a quality lifestyle, providing residents with the opportunity to express their sophistication and personalized living style.

Living in high-quality standards at Sycamore

The Sycamore townhouse are built to high-quality standards, with elegant architecture and managed by a professional team, ensuring they meet the diverse needs of customers.

  • Multigenerational families: With spacious living areas and smart designs, Sycamore is the ideal choice for multigenerational families. Here, not only are living space needs met, but also modern on-site amenities and a peaceful, serene environment.
  • High-income individuals: High-income individuals often have high expectations for their living space. Sycamore not only provides luxurious and convenient living spaces but also is located in a prime location, promising the best lifestyle for homeowners.
  • Privacy seekers: The carefully designed townhouses at Sycamore provide not only amenities but also privacy for homeowners, allowing them to enjoy life without being influenced by external factors.
  • Long-term settlers: With sustainable design, a healthy living environment, and a friendly community, Sycamore is the ideal destination for those seeking a long-term residence. All of these factors have created a special appeal for the townhouse at Sycamore, making it the top choice for many residents looking for an ideal living space.
  • Foreign experts: The Sycamore Compound urban area is an excellent destination for foreign experts working in Binh Duong. With a triple-layered closed security system, comprehensive and classy on-site and off-site amenities, and a central location in Binh Duong, Sycamore is the number one choice for experts. The townhouses, detached villas, semi-detached villas, and soon-to-come upscale apartments at Sycamore are ready to welcome foreign professionals working in this area.

The Design of Sycamore Binh Duong Terrace House

With a modern and luxurious design style, the Sycamore Binh Duong Terrace House are planned to create a sophisticated and comfortable living space for homeowners.

Nhà phố Sycamore
HÌnh phối cảnh Nhà phố Sycamore Bình Dương
Nhà phố Sycamore
Mặt bằng thiết kế nhà phố Sycamore Bình Dương
Nhà phố Sycamore
Thiết kế giảm hấp thu nhiệt, ánh sáng và tránh tầm nhìn căn đối diện

Variety in sizes, the Sycamore Terrace House range from 96m2 (6x16m) to 160m2 (8x20m). Providing a wide range of sizes allows customers to choose a house type that suits their living needs and financial capabilities.

Pricing and Payment Policies for Sycamore Terrace House

The Sycamore Binh Duong project focuses on diversifying sizes and prices to best serve the living and financial needs of each customer.

Sycamore Terrace House Prices

The expected selling price of Sycamore Binh Duong Terrace House is estimated to range from 8.5 billion VND per unit. This price not only reflects the prime location but also serves as evidence of CapitaLand’s world-class construction standards and sophistication. With this price range, customers can own a modern, luxurious Sycamore Terrace House with top-notch on-site and off-site amenities.

Product Type Area Starting Price

Product TypeAreaStarting Price
Terrace House90m2 – 175m28.5 billion VND
Semi-detached Villa160m2 – 240m210 billion VND
Detached Villa190m2 – 370m215 billion VND

Payment Policies for Sycamore Terrace House

Sycamore Binh Duong Terrace House – The Perfect Choice

With these outstanding advantages, Sycamore attracts attention not only for its location, size, and affordable prices but also for its amenities and green living environment, creating an ideal living space.

Sycamore terrace houses have become the top choice for those seeking high-quality living and amenities. Whether it’s young couples looking for the perfect home for their family, foreign professionals working in Binh Duong, multigenerational families seeking a luxurious resort-like retreat, or investors recognizing the future price appreciation potential of the project, Sycamore Binh Duong meets all criteria.

Sycamore Binh Duong – Where luxury living is crafted, reflecting your class and sophistication.



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